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Bachmann Shields Hers (Not Yours) From Indefinite Detention?

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) who recently lost her bid as Republican presidential nominee stirred up controversy lately regarding her loyalties to the United States after she applied for Swiss citizenship. Bachmann was eligible for dual citizenship because her husband is Swiss. After what appeared to be much media backlash Bachmann retracted her request for the dual citizenship the next day claiming her loyalties are to the U.S.

What got by the media, though, is the portending status of Bachmann’s children, who were also under application for Swiss citizenship. Nobody seemed to care about her kids. I mean, so what, it isn’t the representative, what the kids do is irrelevant, no…?

Well, last Friday, Bachmann was one of 243 representatives to strike down Amendment H.R.4310, which called for elimination of “indefinite military detention of any person detained under AUMF authority in U.S., territories or possessions by providing immediate transfer to trial and proceedings by a court established under Article III of the Constitution of the United States or by an appropriate State court.”

While civil libertarians have been up in arms about the passing of the NDAA by President Obama on New Year’s Eve and its permission for indefinite detention of American citizens here and abroad, no doubt the Bachmann clan felt like the rest of America: vulnerable. Which begs the question, as corpiticans who are comfortable rounding up fellow Americans without due process stay protected by the government and military in their elite status with one another, are their immediate families equally protected from the laws they enact?

To be swept up by the military in your own country for an indefinite period of time while undergoing what will most likely be some form of waterboarding as a citizen who need not be formally charged and is denied a trial is the exact kind of terror every American now faces as the government seeks to reel in so-called ‘terrorists.’

The U.S. government’s ability to grab its citizens at will under the never-fully-defined ‘terrorist’ label is becoming more real, and the wealthy Congress that seeks to protect its corporate interests and fellow corpiticians is ensuring its passage through to implementation.

Michelle Bachmann is one of those U.S. representatives who believes you and your children should be under the law of indefinite detention but not her own children. It’s an apparent hypocrisy swept under the media radar by the act of Bachmann taking the limelight, quietly letting the transaction for her kids continue as was ultimately desired. She comes out all patriotic. While she is secure as a corpitician (they will all be), her children perhaps felt less secure and far as I know, remain in the application process for their new Swiss identities.

Granting dual citizenship between the U.S. and Switzerland should ensure protection of the Bachmann kids from any future U.S. government some, shouldn’t it, since it would involve neutral Switzerland in American domestic affairs of war?

Ahhh… The von Trapps… Great story, no…? The hills are alive… with the sound of copters.

Does anyone watch MTV anymore…? Oh, yeah, American kids do… go figger….