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Dartmouth Homecoming 2014: My Day in Pictures

What a great day and what a great birthday! Students in my Digital Media, Cultures, and Societies class gave it a head start when they sang Happy Birthday on Thursday and brought donuts to class from Lou’s Bakery. So thoughtful and sweet. I ran into my student Chris downtown Hanover on Friday afternoon and he

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Experts Repeating History: 9/11-Katrina-Ebola

The media has begun its circus criminalization act for what will pan out to be the Ebola pandemic in the US. Holding authorities accountable is an important task of the Fourth Estate; granted it helps the profit-driven entity perpetually churn the who’s-to-blame machine for its bottomless pockets. Carelessness, negligence, mismanagement, public relations, propaganda, damage control.

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Call For Chapters: Emerging Human-Machine Technologies

Call For Chapters Emerging Human-Machine Technologies Edited by Steven John Thompson Existing publications consider the science and technology afforded the human-machine, and all of the inner workings for making the cyborg creation a reality. The idea of a universal forum that discovers, explores, and prepares the way for eventual large-scale cyborg sociocultural integration, which just

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PHOENIX Releases: 100+ Page Ebook Sells as $1 Download

PHOENIX is an exciting collection of hyperreal poetry, prose and photography I call poemography. This multimodal book is indicative of the word and image concept that has thematically permeated my life and work over four decades. I am thrilled to offer this ebook of personal poemography in a PDF that can be downloaded here via

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Global Issues and Ethical Considerations in Human Enhancement Technologies reference book, edited by Steve Thompson, published by IGI Global, 2014.